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DIVORCE!  This word rears its ugly head on a daily non-stop basis affecting nearly 50% of marriages nationally.  It affects all races and genders and is caused by many reasons.  Many private investigative agencies will list menus including a spouse dressing better or a decreased sexual desire.  Plainly spoken YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!  Strange late night calls, unexplainable lunch “tabs” or increased secret home computer email use equals YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! 

Divorce impacts not only your feelings of self worth but your children and employment as well.  Mid-Atlantic Investigative Services has conducted hundreds of Adultery and Infidelity Investigations uncovering the truth and working with attorneys and assisting our clients during their cases with clear and concise investigations and court testimony.  Custody cases stemming from Divorce is a very real fact of life and the State of Maryland licensed private investigators at Mid-Atlantic Investigative Services have been instrumental in determining the fitness of custodial and non-custodial parents during and after Divorce proceedings.  Contact Mid-Atlantic Investigative Services for a free and confidential consultation.

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